Uniquely modagrafics

project management

Key to Modagrafics capability is our organizational structure that puts an experienced management team on your project for total step-by-step strategic planning, guidance, reporting and execution. We understand the logistic complexities of branding efforts, which is why we also create personalized websites and electronic data exchange for real-time ordering, tracking and reporting. With your Modagrafics team and systems in place, you will never be at a loss for answers, project updates or progress reports.

Design Services

Our award-winning in-house design team is available to assist with any creative service, from initial concept development to file preparation. We can be an extension of your staff, or are comfortable working in tandem with your designers or ad agency. Our design team can also help with prototypes, proofs, computer color matching and manufacturing process development.

Warehousing and Distribution

To decrease downtime for our customers, Modagrafics maintains a climate-controlled warehouse that can provide just-in-time delivery options for global fulfillment.


Often times, companies need to transform their entire network of vehicles all at once. To accommodate this need, Modagrafics can tailor a payment plan to deliver a complete fleet rebranding while spreading payments over a longer period of time. These options can also be conjoined with an inventory program, to ensure that any additions are covered down the road.


Radar IoT Asset Tracking System

As BlackBerry’s North American sales partner, Modagrafics can now help equip trucking companies and private fleet operators with the BlackBerry Radar IoT Asset Tracking System. The Internet of Things (IoT)-based system monitors the location and total environmental status of trailers, including cargo and door status, and delivers timely, actionable data to transportation managers via a secure, online portal.

The system helps fleet managers optimize trailer usage, improve on-time delivery and generate more revenue per trailer. The Radar tracking device is simple and self-contained, and it is designed to send dispatchers instant alerts and regular updates on status and other conditions every 15 minutes. Intelligent sensors indicate when cargo is loaded or unloaded; if the vehicle or container is in motion or idle; when the doors are opened or closed; and monitors other trailer conditions such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure readings.

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Radar Features

All-in-One Device

  • • 10 minute install
  • • No wiring/maintenance
  • • Multi-year battery
  • • Cellular data plan
  • • Location & Motion
  • • Load and Door Status
  • • Environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure)

Frequent Sensor Readings

  • • Instant events and alarms
  • • 5 minute samples
  • • 15 minute updates
  • • Programmable status update intervals

Interactive Data Reports

  • • Map driven user interface
  • • Automated yard check
  • • Fleet utilization
  • • Dwell and Detention times
  • • Easy creation of custom data reports

Web-Based Services

  • • Securely hosted with no added IT cost
  • • Designed for user simplicity
  • • 100% browser based
  • • 2-year data archive
  • • API for back-office integrations
  • • End-to-end data security and privacy

Operations Dashboard

  • • Visually manage assets
  • • Manage users and platform access
  • • Manage data access permissions
  • • Draw and manage geofences
  • • Create alerts and alarm conditions
  • • Explore sensor readings and device status history

Radar Value

The Radar Service is focused on delivering a solution specifically
for near real-time management of trailers and containers. 

Maximize Efficiency

  • • Visualize your trailer, chassis and container fleet with map driven tools
  • • Drill down and explore sensor readings
  • • Know when containers are empty or loaded
  • • Eliminate manual processes like yard checks
  • • Locate the closest trailer for your needs

Stop Theft

  • • Near real-time events and alerts to drive immediate action
  • • Door and load status sensors
  • • Geofences for yards, stores, and areas of concern

Increase Profit

  • • Reduce dwell, detention, demurrage charges
  • • Right-size your trailer fleet
  • • Reduce empty miles
  • • Increase trailer turns
  • • Measures key performance indicators
  • • Understand environmental conditions to protect the integrity of your loads