Double D Express Doubles Down on Mobile Advertising

Double D Express Doubles Down on Mobile Advertising

Double D Express Doubles Down on Mobile Advertising

August 31 2018

Billboard advertising alongside busy highways is a highly-valued space for marketers. In the Chicago area, billboard costs average nearly $5,500 per month. With the right graphics, a tractor-trailer driving on these same highways could attract just as much attention, making it a profitable opportunity.

An opportunity Double D Express is offering its customers for a small fee. They turned to Modagrafics for a graphics and installation program on three semi trailers for their customer, Bonnell Industries. We helped turn the trailers into mobile billboards, surpassing everyone’s highest expectations in the process. 

“We were fortunate to enjoy many benefits working with the Modagrafics team,” says Bonnell marketing manager Jessica Bonnell. Based in Dixon, Illinois, Bonnell Industries is one of the leading truck equipment distributors in the northern part of the state and is also a major supplier of snow plows and spreaders to municipalities throughout the U.S.

“First and foremost,” continued Bonnell, “their customer service and communication was pleasant and professional. Their rates are very reasonable and they help you pick out the right application. They are all about customer convenience and that showed during our experience with them.”

She said the three trailers were wrapped from June 18-20 and were quickly noticed on the road, earning positive feedback.

“The actual install was very quick and their team was great at organizing and communicating the completion dates. We have received a massive amount of attention from our three new semi trailer graphics. Many people have commented on how good the graphics look and that they are seeing the trailers all around northern Illinois.”

Double D Express is regarded as one of the most reliable Midwest Regional carriers. Josh Franque, Vice President of Sales for the 33-year-old company, says they brand themselves as the no. 1 LTL carrier in Illinois and they work with a handful of companies who use semi-trailer graphics.

Double D Express LTL trailers travel throughout Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Their truckload division covers a larger area in the Midwest. Francque says that some businesses are better suited for trailer graphics than others and that’s where his company and Modagrafics can help.

“Working with Modagrafics is easy and straightforward. They deliver a quality product that provides strong marketing for our mutual customer. Their work reflects well on Double D Express. Customers benefit from increased visibility and greater sales, and Double D Express strengthens the relationship with our shippers.”

To see how you could monetize your fleet as an advertising medium, contact Michael Loizzo at (847) 481-5383.