New Trailer Specs Database Speeds Installations

New Trailer Specs Database Speeds Installations

New Trailer Specs Database Speeds Installations

August 17 2018

Recently, Modagrafics entered into a partnership with Spedian, a company that makes an innovative vehicle graphics system. Spedian is changeable and reusable, allowing existing graphics to be replaced by new ones in less than an hour per trailer. As Modagrafics uses Spedian, continual improvements in our process ensure a cost-effective installation. Those improvements rely on accurate research and testing.

Director of Installation Services Jeff Rychlewski and his team continue to make progress thanks to insights gained from a research project. To help streamline the Spedian process, the team looked into the specs of the 10 most common trailer manufacturers on the road today. They found that each manufacturer has a different trailer spec. For example, a 53-foot Wabash trailer is not the same as a 53-foot Utility trailer. According to Rychlewski, differences in heights and rivets requires different size banners to be produced. The specs will be put in a database so the installation team will be able to build an effective plan of action for every project.

“As we work with each manufacturer to confirm their specifications,” he said, “we can confirm these sizes with the measurements provided to us by the manufacturers. Standard sizes will allow production to repeatedly make the same size banners, increasing our productivity. It will also allow the installer to install the Spedigrip frame cleanly without having to cut around every rivet. The customer will be able to change their branding from unit to unit.”

The team is also improving installation processes for trailers that do not use the Spedian system. We are testing induction removal tool prototypes to find one that will expedite the time it takes to remove adhesive.

The culture of continual improvement at Modagrafics inspires us to make the most of new technologies and innovations in the installation process. The greater efficiency helps us meet your budget requirements and achieve outstanding results.

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