New ERP Software Optimizes Process

Scheduling For Success

Scheduling For Success

August 15 2018

New ERP Software Optimizes Process To Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Modagrafics is always looking for ways to improve our processes, because it helps us serve our customers better. Since the introduction of a new software system on June 1, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), we’ve increased efficiency and productivity while continuing to deliver excellent results. The ERP system provides visibility into our entire process and collects valuable real-time data. The insights collected are having a positive impact on
scheduling and other programs that will benefit customers.

“Today, we can schedule jobs and properly manage our customer’s expectations for delivery,” noted Operations Director Dan Donegan. “Once it is established, we can quickly access the step in the process the job is currently at, and respond to customer inquiries or ensure that we are on schedule to complete the job by its due date. We are also in a position now to monitor our on-time delivery success.”

Donegan said the scheduling component provides visibility to job loads in all cost centers during the manufacturing process.

“By monitoring the cost center job load, we can quickly reallocate personnel to where they are needed or add hours to the process. We can use this analysis to determine when we need to add shifts and personnel to meet our customers’ needs.”

Donegan indicated the system produces material and job data collection and will make the job process more efficient. “This allows us the capability to attain real continuous improvement in all areas, from estimating all the way through shipping. This data can also be used to track material usage and find ways to decrease manufacturing costs, so it is a win-win.”

Donergan said partnering with Enterprise Print Management Solutions will produce new programs in the future, because of the continuous improvement enabled by the ERP software.

“I am very encouraged with how EMPS has been implemented in manufacturing. My team is constantly meeting to improve our use of the system to ensure we are able to utilize it to the fullest. For example, we have purchased a new shipping component that will allow us to upload a customer’s Excel file to shipping, thereby eliminating hours of keystrokes and improving our efficiency.”

Empowered by greater efficiency and productivity, Modagrafics is better able to serve our customers. To learn more about how We Move Brands, contact Michael Loizzo at (847) 481-5383.