The power of ERP

The power of ERP

The power of ERP

June 28 2018

Modagrafics embarks on a new customer initiative

The mission to build clients’ brands so they will prosper is a philosophy every Modagrafics employee understands. That means always pushing the envelope to find ways to improve methods and deliver results that exceed expectations.

One of the goals company President Paul Pirkle established for 2018 was to bring a new system – ERP – into Modagrafics and utilize it for running the business. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and the company has partnered with Enterprise Print Management Solutions for a software package that will impact all functions within every department.

After a year of planning, ERP was implemented on June 1. “EPMS will provide several benefits to our customers, enhance communication with Modagrafics and improve our operational execution,” said company CFO Mike Antongiovanni.

“Over the last 12 months, we have installed new servers, configured the new database, tested the system and completed an extensive employee training program. The new inventory control and scheduling features allow account managers to have quicker and more accurate access to the status of jobs. EPMS also will improve our ability to provide more web solutions and enhance our e-commerce platform to customers over the next 12 months.”

Added Pirkle, “EPMS will enable us to look into what process is running more efficiently and which process may be a constraint. Thus, we will be able to manage our business in an entirely different way that benefits both customers and employees.”