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Rollin’ Rally keeps rocking and rolling in Iowa
21 Dec 2018

Rollin’ Rally keeps rocking and rolling in Iowa

The first annual Rollin’ Rally held last June 23 at the Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was a smashing success. A collaboration of the Transportation Sector Board in the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City corridor, it coincided with the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival and attracted a large crowd.

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Modagrafics Partners with Wreaths Across America
14 Dec 2018

Modagrafics Partners with Wreaths Across America for pilot program

The Wreaths Across America program continues to grow, reaching 1.5 million military veterans who had wreaths placed on their gravesites at national cemeteries throughout the U.S. last December. Modagrafics is helping to increase awareness by offering a trailer graphics program that is gaining tractability and giving back. This year’s event is scheduled for December 15.

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Customer Spotlight: Superior Carriers
29 Nov 2018

Customer Spotlight: Superior Carriers

During his quarter century of military service – including five as a contractor – it’s safe to say Air Force veteran Mike Godfrey has witnessed more things than the average person does in a lifetime. But one thing he did not see coming was the surprise he experienced on September 21 when Superior Carriers management presented him with a new MACK Anthem sleeper cab.

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Wreaths Across America Trailer Graphics Program Has Been Extended
5 Nov 2018

Wreaths Across America Trailer Graphics Program Has Been Extended

Modagrafics has extended the new trailer graphics program for Wreaths Across America. Six trailer graphic designs are available and Deborah Sparks, who coordinates corporate development and community relations for WAA, says most people who wrap their trailers prefer to do it on a permanent basis. This year's event to honor military veterans takes place December 15 at national cemeteries through the U.S. Read more in the next issue of Brand News.

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Modagrafics Extends Deadline for Wreaths Across America Trailer Graphics Program
28 Sep 2018

Modagrafics Extends Deadline for Wreaths Across America Trailer Graphics Program

The deadline has been extended into October for the new trailer graphics program that benefits Wreaths Across America. Modagrafics pioneered this service that allows companies to honor our country's fallen veterans. Read more about this pilot program in the October issue of Brand News and watch this space for future updates. Please contact your Modagrafics Rep to learn more.

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  • BlackBerry Radar IoT Asset Tracking System

    Radar gives new meaning to yard checks

    Look around any shipping property where fleets deliver and you will plenty of money sitting around. BlackBerry Radar gives new meaning to proper yard check management and utilization. It will find thousands of dollars and improve the efficiency of trailer fleet and cargo container logistics. Any trailer is considered under-utilized once it sits empty after several days. Many times they slip through the cracks and go unnoticed for longer periods of time. That’s where BlackBerry Radar can help. 

  • Spedian™ Vehicle Graphics System

    Spedian Fast and Furious

    Modagrafics announces partnership with changeable graphics innovator Spedian

    Modagrafics has entered into an exclusive licensing deal with U.K. based Spedian to bring to North America the world’s only changeable and reusable vehicle graphic system. The Spedian™ Vehicle Graphics System can be applied on trailers, delivery vans, buses and other vehicles. What makes the system extremely attractive is the fast changeover time.  In less than an hour, existing graphics can be replaced with new ones.  

  • Durst Rho 312R UV inkjet digital roll printers

    New digital firepower comes to Modagrafics: Durst Rho 312R

    For advanced reproduction values and speed, Modagrafics now has in operation two new Durst Rho 312R UV inkjet digital roll printers.  The new technology provides us with the kind of digital production firepower and innovation that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States. 

  • Arlon Graphics' DPF 6100XLP series

    Vendor News: Arlon Graphics partnership continues to grow

    Great partnerships involve teams that work in collaboration and bring out the best in each other for innovative, amazing results. Such is the case with California-based Arlon Graphics, which began working with Modagrafics in late 2015 as part of a huge rebranding project.

  • Avery Dennison vinyl films

    Vendor News: Avery Dennison has the cold hard facts for vinyl

    “Baby it’s cold outside” go the lyrics. A good reminder this time of year that installed fleet and vehicle wraps should remain indoors for 24 hours before being exposed to severe cold elements. Other good advice from Avery Dennison before applying vinyl decals:

    When vinyl is delivered, it’s likely it was sitting in the back of a truck for a day or two. The material needs to be acclimated before printing, cutting or applying, so let the film rest until it returns to the ambient temperature. A too soon application can result in poor ink adhesion or brittleness in cutting.

  • BlackBerry Radar IoT Asset Tracking System

    Logistics Wizardry of BlackBerry Radar

    One of the hot new devices we will offer in 2017 is a financial bonanza to fleet owners. When you combine the BlackBerry Radar IoT Asset Tracking System with new value-added marketing services, trucking companies and private fleet operators can expect to save time and money while improving and simplifying their operations.

  • Rapidus App to coordinate the installation of fleet graphics

    Rapidus App making nation-wide fleet branding efforts much simpler

    We’re sure you know how annoying it is to learn about vehicles still sporting seasonal graphics when the season is long gone. And how long it took to locate those vehicles to make the changes.

    Rapidus allows for fast and simple monitoring so you can coordinate the installation of fleet graphics across multiple locations. With instant, real-time workflow automation, you can manage every aspect of any fleet branding job. It’s now available at the Apple and Google App stores.

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